Change your city with CityChange

With CityChange you tell the world what you think about every square foot of your city — and we make the world listen

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CityChange in 10 seconds

Your opinion can drive change — but only if it can be heard

1. Share you opinions and desires

You review your city, make suggestions and comment — quickly and easily

2. We collect and analyze

We anonymously gather, aggregate and map the input

3. The insights are shown and shared

The new insights are made public and shared with the City of Copenhagen and others who will get a new level of insight into what the citizens want

4. Your wishes shape the city

With the new insights made available the voice of the city dwellers will be much stronger


Review the world around you

Let your opinions and desires drive a transformation of your surroundings.

Use CityChange to easily and quickly review everything in the urban world around you. What do you like? What are you not so happy about? What would you like to have?

Vi klarer resten

We'll take care of the rest

We gather input from all users of the app, aggregate and analyze, and tie the results to specific places in the city.

This way we can, quite literally, map what the city dwellers think about — and wish for — every urban space.

Photo: Kristoffer Trolle

The results are publicized

In 'Magasinet KBH' — read by tens of thousands and with almost 50,000 social media followers — the most important results are publicized.

This way, the users of the app affect the journalism with their input. And the public conversation about the city's form and function can take place with new insights into what the city's residents actually think. 

Vil dét virkelig gøre en forskel?

Will that really make a difference?

Yes — if you and a sufficient number of others use the app, it will. The City of Copenhagen is following the project, and if enough people use the app, an opening exists to create a direct, new channel to the city's decision makers.

On top of this, it will be politically difficult to ignore the results if they are both published in Magasinet KBH and made available to politicians, civil servants and others working with the city's form and function.

Photo: Thomas Heie Nielsen


Take a quick trip around Copenhagen and get an introduction to what you can do with CityChange

A park? A bench? A bio bakery?

With CityChange you can review urban spaces, architecture, traffic, noise, transportation and much more — everything that shapes the urban world you move within. You can also request eateries, shops and other services in your neighbourhood.


Vote on the city

Pull your phone out. Draw around the area you want to review — and vote. Quick and easy, and you'll get feedback straight away.

Make suggestions

Do you have an idea for something new where you are standing? Make a suggestion in seconds — or see those of others and vote them up or down.

Comment and like

Do you want to go into more detail than just voting? Write and like comments. Everything counts in our analysis of what the residents want.

Request services

Need a bakery in your area? A pizzeria? Or a hair dresser? You request and we aggregate so the local demands can become known.


Get CityChange now!

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